The market of FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers used for shipping products all over the world, especially the European market, has been and is changing at a speed of 15 percent every year. Over a quarter of a billion tons of product is transported in Europe every year in FIBCs and the market is still fast-growing. High quality, safety and productive cost are factors to make us a competitive and leading FIBC manufacturer.

With over 16 years of history engaged in plastic, weaving and sewing industries and experiences in global cooperation, FIBC Vietnam was established with the mission of bringing an internationally approved FIBC product into the world’s market with uniquely Asian and Vietnamese characteristics.

Being well aware of strict requirements by UN Dangerous Goods regulatory systems, FDA requirements in the United States and such regulatory systems for European, North American and Japanese markets, FIBC Vietnam decided to invest a brand new production line. Our commitment in a whole production flow from extruding PP yarn, weaving (including belts), and laminating to printing and sewing for a finished product is a simple illustration of our intention to penetrate this challenging and potential market.

What makes FIBC Vietnam products unique is the cohesion between our skillful workers and our experienced, professional technicians. Furthermore, their devotion and laboriousness vital to the production and maintenance process create the quality consistency for all products made at FIBC Vietnam.

This success is based on a continuing effort of the Group’s staff and management. The Minh Hung Group’s steady and stable growth guarantees a considerable funding resource for both the Group’s and FIBC Vietnam’s business activities in investment, production and commerce projects.

FIBC Vietnam strongly believes that it will provide the world with a FIBC not only internationally approved but also skillfully aesthetic by Vietnamese people as: “Our values are to keep all the values of your products intact, entire and original in terms of quantity and quality when contained in FIBC Vietnam’s FIBC products.” The bulk bags quality will ensure that your product content along with your values will stay intact.

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