Why use FIBCs?

Effective shipping and handling of dry bulk products is becoming more and more critical to a company’s competitiveness.

Bulk bags are strong, economical and can be designed to be application specific.


Bulk bags can handle just about any dry, flowable product. From beans to borax; carbon black to coins; pharmaceutical powders to salt, resins, plastics and more. We serve all industries.

Bulk bags don’t have the limitations of paper bags, fiber drums or other common containers.

With a variety of container designs including fill, discharge, and lift loop options, Bulk bags allow you to design your container to your specific needs.

Bulk bags compact to a fraction of their filled size when not in use.

Bulk bags have a more efficient footprint than most other containers for shipping and storage.

Bulk bags do not require additional packaging.

Bulk bags have a low tare weight which can help reduce shipping costs.